Ashlie D.
It was a fun, spooky, and informative tour. All the guides, Miss Gracie, Lexie, and Mr Pirate were all great story tellers. We were guided by Ms Gracie. She always gets everyone involved when telling stories. She showed actual photos of what seemed to be apparitions from certain houses along the tour route. When you are in Williamsburg, you should definitely book a tour with them. You won’t be disappointed.
Ted T.
Gracie and Mr Pirate were great leaders for our informational and entertaining tour of Colonial Williamsburg. The obelisk with the faces embedded in the rock face were spooky, and visible by everyone. Some people actually caught weird lights or faces in the windows of the haunted buildings.
Joshua B.
The tour was fun and engaging, the whole family enjoyed it! the ambiance of old Williamsburg at night was a blast. Mr Pirate and the witch were great characters for the adventure.
Art A.
This tour was so much fun and the people running it couldn’t have been nicer and more enthusiastic. They told great stories. Answered all questions. They were wonderful with kids like our 11 year old. They really made history fun with just the right amount of spooky tales. Highly recommend!
Great tour! Guides told stories with such enthusiasm and passion you couldn’t help but be entertained. They were organized and knowledgeable. We are a family of four with 2 teens and they enjoyed themselves as well. Would recommend.
Maryanne S.
We had a blast on the Spooks and Legends tour Pirates and witches. Our guides were fantastic! The stories were fun for all. We were able to get a couple of cool pictures. A fun after dinner activity and money well spent. Worth every penny and my kids loved it.
Jim C.
Family vaca w/2 teens who have no patience to tour & hear the history of Colonial Williamsburg. This was a fun way to do it!!
N. Sharon
This was absolutely awesome!!! We went with our 3 girls ages 14, 14 and 9. It was so interesting and just an all around incredible and fun experience. Would definitely recommend!
Lee W.
Fun and informative, Grace and Mr Pirate are terrific entertainers and great story tellers. I loved connecting the myths and legends to the formal history. This is a must do for anyone visiting Williamsburg. My wife and I plan to return with our grandchildren. We loved it.
Jennifer M.
I was hesitant. So glad we book with Spooks and Legends! We have a 13 and 11 year old. The entire family learned while being entertained. Great tour-so much fun! Made our Williamsburg stay complete!! Highly recommend Grace and Mr. Pirate!!!
Amy G.
Very fun! And also very informative!! Learned a lot about witches and pirates. Super interesting and I’d be happy to do more tour with this group.
Autumn T
Great tour. Informative, good stories and jokes! Definitely would do another with them. The history and location are incredible.
John A.
The presenters are exceptional and very entertaining. The weather did not cooperate, but they both did their best to make the most of the situation. Highly recommend this tour, especially if you have younger kids. Very entertaining, fun and memorable experience.
Chris L.
Great tour of Williamsburg at night. Awesome history and well done by the cast members. They were excellent storytellers. My 9 and 6-year-old were captivated the whole time, as were we.
Anne Barlow
Absolutely the most fun I've had in Williamsburg! Thank you for a wonderful educational tour. We were excited when we were able to see something supernatural! Already booked my Christmas tour.
Someone’s junk email
Friday, August 13th, 2021 witch & pirate tour with Cara (Kara) was a great experience and informative. Enjoyed and recommend. A great way to spend our last night and on a stormy Friday the 13th.
Cassie Fletcher
We thoroughly enjoyed the ghosts, witches, and pirates walking tour! This tour was everything we had hoped it to be, especially in comparison to the ghost tour we took the night before with a competitor. Our boys (aged 6) loved the stories and really took to the witch and pirate. The tour guide was informative and well-spoken. Her mix of information and stories held our attention throughout the 2-hour tour and we were sad to see it end! I have already recommended this tour to my friends and family and will definitely go again when we are in the area!
christopher Ramirez
A great tour, and the highlight of our trip to williamsburg! Eric is the man and he know all of the spooky information about this colonial town.
Greg Mazur
Great tour and info on the Witches and Pirates tour of Colonial Williamsburg. We have taken a few others and this was the best yet. Great story telling!
Steve Whisler
Terrific tour. Definitely loved the historical points of Colonial Williamsburg weaved into the supernatural aspects of the region. Eric was phenomenal!
Kelsey Newtown
We did all three tours and they were all AMAZING! Each tour brings its own unique flare. The tour guides were friendly and charismatic with very strong knowledge and obvious love for Williamsburg and it’s rich history! I would recommend this tour to anyone. It wasn’t too scary, but it was spooky, informative and fun.