The Dead of Night: Ghosts, Witches, and Pirates Tour

Are you curious about what may be lurking in the dark and eerie streets of Williamsburg? Do you wonder about the darkness that surrounds the most haunted house in town? Have you ever captured ghosts, figures, streaks, or orbs in your photos? If you have, or any of this sounds interesting, THEN THIS IS THE TOUR FOR YOU!!! #1 Tour in Town/#6 In The Country/Real Stories Told by Costumed Characters and we feature our very own Witch and Pirate and his parrot (Pete). You will hear of Blackbeard's demise and the story of the most famous Witch in Virginia. If you have the courage, we will go to one of the most haunted houses on the east coast and hear the stories of 17 spirits that lurk inside. The story of the Wagon of Death and what will be waiting for you if you were sentenced to Die! Find out who our very own Mr. Pirate is, and kids get to pick from Mr. Pirate's Treasure Chest!!! Join us for a Ghostly Fun-filled adventure!! Fun for all ages.

$20 per person
6 & under - FREE